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"...What shape waits in the seed of you

to grow and spread its branches

against a future sky?"

David Whyte


Do you find yourself stuck in a pattern of behaviour or thinking that is not helpful or is hurting you?        I can help.  


Do you want more out of your relationships?

       Let's make that happen.  


Do you need to make some changes that feel overwhelming or scary?  

       We can find a way.  


Is anxiety or depression standing between you and the life you really want?  

       Let's explore together the underlying causes and discover tools to help you feel like yourself            again. 


Is there trauma in your past or present?  

       Let me help you heal those experiences, feel safe again, and get on with living.  

I believe some of life's challenging experiences affect us so deeply and profoundly that it impacts every part of our life - physically, emotionally, psychologically, socially, relationally and spiritually.  


These are often times of loss: death of a loved one, loss of a relationship, a job, health or hope.  During these times it can be immensely beneficial to invite a professional into one's life to help navigate this difficult time, minimize suffering, prevent getting stuck, and enable one to live the fullness of life in whatever circumstances one happens to be in.


I am committed to creating a space that allows you the freedom and vulnerability needed to passionately explore your experiences and move towards a greater fullness of life.  I believe YOU are the expert of your life and have the capacity to make the changes you want.  I dedicate myself to offering you the best tools I know to achieve your goals.  


Counselling is a way to forge your path of healing and wellness, uncover your inner wisdom, and live a full and authentic life.  

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