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"All healing, all flourishing

comes from the story you tell yourself."

Christiane Northrup, MC


Although counselling can sometimes feel similar to a close and trusted friendship, it has several important differences.  Some of these differences are:

  • It is one-sided in that we do not discuss and talk about the details of the therapist's life.

  • Counselling conversations have specific goals, and although always supportive in nature, counselling also presents you with challenges.

  • You always have the right to say No and this will not end the counselling relationship.  Questions are encouraged with any technique used or suggested. 

  • The therapist is bound by ethical codes and laws to keep confidentiality.  Exceptions relate only to safety.

  • Ethical guidelines also dictate that the client and therapist do not have a relationship outside of the counselling relationship, be it social, personal, or professional - this would be referred to as a dual relationship and is ethically inappropriate.

Counselling IS like a close and trusted friendship in that it is meant to be a safe place to disclose one's story and feel affirmed and accepted.  As well, like friendships, counselling relationships are unique. Finding a good fit with a counsellor is central to creating the space where healing and growth can occur.  If you discover you are not comfortable working with me, you have the right to request a referral.  I will do my best to find a professional who is a good fit for you.

Fees (includes GST): payable by cash, e-transfer or check

Individual:  60 minutes, $120*

Couple:  90 Minutes, $180*

*Sliding scale available.  Rate is determined by household income and number of dependents.  I am dedicated to making my counselling services available to everyone, regardless of economic circumstances.  Let's have a conversation and find a workable solution. 

If you have insurance, please check with your benefit provider to determine if the fees of a Canadian Certified Counsellor are covered under your plan. I do not direct bill. Receipts are provided.

"Be careful how you are talking to yourself, because you are listening."

Lisa M. Hayes

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