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"Once you start to awaken

no one else can ever claim you again

for the old patterns."

John O'Donahue

I am passionate about the sacred space to be found in the counselling relationship.  Throughout my life I have sought out the support of wise and learned professionals to help me navigate my challenges.  Now, as a professional counsellor myself, I continue to do so in order to bring the best me, and the most clarity, to my work with you.  

I have spent the past 30 years accompanying seekers through my work in retreat ministry and as a teacher and trainer of yoga.  In workshops and retreats that I have led, in classes and trainings I have taught, and in private one-on-one sessions, I've been challenged, rewarded and inspired by those I've supported through the inevitable ups and downs of their lives. 

Completing my masters in psychotherapy and spirituality was a life long dream and passion for me.  I now look forward to working with others to find their best and most authentic life.  

"I have no special talent.  I am only passionately curious"

Albert Einstein 

I believe that curiosity is a critical attitude to apply to our life's experiences.  It invites a non-judgemental approach that can even be playful in nature at times.  Getting curious about all parts of our life; the good, the bad, and the ugly, allows us to identify patterns of thinking and behaving and allows the opportunity to shift these patterns and develop more life-giving ones.  

My areas of focus include:
  • anxiety & stress
  • depression
  • relationship issues:  family, workplace, friendships, & dating
  • grief & loss
  • self-esteem & self-compassion
  • trauma recovery
Therapy approaches:
  • narrative therapy
  • mindfulness based cognitive behavioural therapy
  • existential
  • psychodynamic
  • person centred
  • attachment theory
  • EMDR
Client Focus:
  • From young adults to seniors, including all faiths and cultures and people across the LGBTQ spectrum.​  All are welcome, supported and affirmed.

Masters of Psychotherapy & Spirituality (MPS)

        St. Stephen's College, Edmonton
Certified Canadian Counsellor (CCC)
Alberta Counselling Therapists Association (ACTA)
Certification in Trauma Recovery 
EMDR Trained
Certified Relax & Renew Trainer
Senior Yoga Instructor with the Yoga Association of Alberta

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